Business Start Ups



We can provide advice on the type of undertaking to set up depending on your circumstances.  This could be Limited Company, Partnership, LLP, Self Employment.

We will also deal with all aspects of registering with HM Revenue & Customs online and Companies House.  It is important for start ups to understand the requirements for bookkeeping and recording.  We will therefore be able to provide you advice on the appropriate bookkeeping systems and record keeping.

Our firm has a vast amount of past experience in successfully guiding start ups in their initial phase.  Many of our existing clients started off from scratch and through our expertise and guidance we have nurtured them to be self sufficient and successful businesses in their own right.

We can provide advise, guidance and contacts in relation to banking and finance requirements.  We can also help prepare business plans, cash flow forecasts and projected forecasts at the initial stage for approval of banks and potential investors.

Our staff understand that for new start ups it is difficult to understand the complexities of forms and taxation requirements.  Therefore, we will provide extensive guidance in these important first steps so that the business can start flourishing.

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